Who Doesn't Love to Nap?

NapPouch Treat Ideas

What child doesn't love a treat or trinket? Click here to explore a variety of options to tuck inside that cute NapPouch.

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Tips for Helping a Child Nap

Every child is different. Some simply don't want to miss out on what you are doing! Get tips and strategies that might help a resistant little one nap.

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What The Experts Say

Sleep is a big part of a child's good health. Learn about the importance of napping for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

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About The Book

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An Introduction to The Nodders Children's Book

Create a Reward System with your Book's Dust Jacket!

Making a NapPouch

Follow these simple steps to use your book jacket to fold your NapPouch!

1. Start with an 8 x 8" square sheet of paper arranged like step number one and fold the bottom point up to meet the top point.
2. Fold the top point down just above the bottom line and press to make a line across lift the point back up.
3. Fold the left corner across like this notice that the corner just touches the edge of the paper. (This is step #3 but image two above.
4. Fold the left-hand corner across. It should almost touch the right hand side of the pouch.
5. Fold the front top flap down, so that it covers the two flaps underneath.
6. Ta Da! Now use a hole punch or scissors to make a hole in the top triangle. Use a thin ribbon or piece of string to go through the hole and tie in a knot.

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Get your little one excited about nap time.


Book Reviews

"I am buying this for everyone I know having a baby. We just went 2 days without a nap and she was exhausted. She cannot seem to shut her mind off. Seriously, I did not hear a peep. I have a few great trinkets that I keep, like a sticker. Anything becomes a treasure at this age.”


The Nodders shows how young children in imaginative ways are encouraged to nap using positive reinforcements.  The author creates a poetic story where the rhyming words flow easily in solving the problem of getting children to rest.  

Brian Schmidt’s illustrations are whimsical and colorful and do an excellent job in bringing the story to life.  Since pictures support the beginning reading process, the visual and verbal expressions are easy to understand making the The Nodders a fun book.  Possessing a treasure pouch is anothergood incentive to support a child’s quiet time.

Sandy Stringfellow, retired educator of intellectually gifted and talented children

The Nodders is sure to make the most recalcitrant napper shut their eyes in rest. A sweet tale of creatures who wake when little ones are sleeping. Only then can they jump up and slip rewards into a special NapPouch folded from the dust jacket. Charming and just what mom's need!

Jennie Fields, Author of Atomic Love.