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The Multi-Color NapPouches

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A sleeping toddlers is the new happy hour
A sleeping toddlers is the new happy hour!
2 Variants: Multi-Color Cotton Polka  or Multi Color Shapes 
  • Not everyone is a DIY person so these NapPouches were created for you! 

  • Each NapPouch comes with a secure hangtag so the NapPouch can be easily placed over any doorknob.

  • Place a simple single treat, trinket, or activity card for the child who naps. Check out our Nodder NapPouch Collection!

  • I recommend putting snacks in the NapPouch that are not sticky!

  • The size of the NapPouch is 5.5"x 5.5" 

  • Hand wash and air dry if they become dirty

"What fun it is to see the child smile when the bedroom
door is opened and the treat is found!"

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    A sleeping toddler is your new happy hour!Every child needs to rest, which helps the grown-ups be their best!

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