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Nodder NapTime Collection

The Nodder NapTime Collection

The NapTime Solution that every parent with toddlers can use.

Award Winning - The Nodders What! You Don't Want to Nap?

Do you know a toddler who refuses to nap? This award winning...

Nap Time Plush Nodder

This precious Nodder plushie is a perfect for your pre-schooler. Appropriate for ages 3 up....

Nodder Book and Plush Set

A plush and book set is a wonderful gift for new parents, parents...

Nodder Napper T-Shirt

Infant Short Sleeve Nodders T-Shirt 100% Cotton Machine Wash Will Not...

Oh My! A Nap Time Sticker Chart

 Toddlers love stickers! This Nap Time Sticker Chart is a great way to...

The Multi-Color NapPouches

Variants: Multi-Color Cotton Polka  or Multi Color Shapes  Each NapPouch comes...


June 23rd we will have our first give back to the community program. I will be reading the book to children and parents, and sharing how to use the book to get their little ones ready for preschool.

The Nodder Book has received 8 National Children's Book Awards since the book's release in 2021!

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