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Award Winning - The Nodders What! You Don't Want to Nap?

Every child needs to rest which helps the grown-up be their best.


A sleeping toddlers is the new happy hour
A sleeping toddlers is the new happy hour!

Do you know a toddler who refuses to nap?

This award winning children's book was written with a napping process that has worked for three generations in my family. Research shows that toddlers need to nap so their afternoons are better for everyone.

This beautifully illustrated book not only helps a toddler nap but also be prepared for preschool with the many objects, animals, shape and colors on every page. A wonderful baby or toddler gift which will also bring get joy to mom and dad.

The Nodders first Review in 2021 was from Publishers Weekly gave the book a Grade A
There are no shortage of “go to sleep” books for kids (and adults), and The Nodders succeeds in differentiating itself with its highly original concept —and by focusing on naps... These charming beings will likely work their way into kids’ hearts, and will certainly be welcome in a caregiver’s arsenal when it comes to nudging children toward sleep.  

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A sleeping toddler is your new happy hour!Every child needs to rest, which helps the grown-ups be their best!