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  • Five Star Review

    Such a cute little nap/bedtime story.

    "The Nodders: What! You Don't Want to Nap?" is an exceptional children's book that skillfully blends imagination, playfulness, and valuable life lessons. With its captivating storytelling, enchanting illustrations, and memorable characters, it has the power to ignite young readers' imaginations and teach them important values. This delightful journey

    Taylor Angel

  • Thoughts from a first grade teacher

    My first job was a first grade teacher so I know how important it is to prepare our toddler for Pre-School. That's right..pre-school is the new first grade!

    When I wrote this book,I wanted the pages to be filled with early learning so a parent or grandparent could read The Nodders over and over talking about what their child sees on each page! A perfect way to make nap time a fun learning time!

    I am still teaching about reading and writing with my book in my grandson's elementary school! Check out Toddler Insights for parenting strategies an tips

    Toddler Insights 
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An Award Winning Children's Book

How excited I was to receive the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Gold Award for Children's Picture Book Ages 4-7
As an educator, I designed this book with early learning on every page. As you read, ask your child about what is on the page. Shapes, colors and objects are important to know for pre-school.