About the Book

This whimsical story introduces the Nodders, magical creatures who leave special treats for Nappers while they snooze! A Nodder will peek in to see if a child is napping. If they are indeed, a small treat is tucked into their NapPouch for a surprise upon waking up. This rhyming nap time book encourages children to look forward to snuggling in their bed.

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5 Star Review:


After my three year old refused naps for almost 2 weeks, I ordered this book out of desperation - willing to try anything. She literally gasped with excitement as I was reading it, and it worked like a CHARM and she fell asleep right away! I even FaceTimed a friend and read it to her toddler who also had struggled with naps lately, and she fell asleep too! Such a cute story and idea! Will be ordering one for all of my other parent friends!

5 Star Review:

 What a whimsical story!

Reviewed March 22, 2021" The Nodders: What! You Don't Want to Take a Nap?" is beautifully illustrated with fun little creatures, the Nodders. The story of the Nodders, told in verse form, is enchanting. Children will be eager for the Nodders to come and leave a treat for them while they are napping. Surely nap time would be full of dreams of these whimsical little creature!!!What a truly creative way of putting a positive spin on taking a nap!!

About the Author

Tina Huggins is passionate about teaching, technology, and creativity. She began as an elementary educator and found her love in technology education. Apple Computer selected her as one of sixteen prestigious national trainers, which encouraged her to complete an MA in Educational Technology. Her unique insights into early literacy contributed to the successful launch of LeapFrog, School Division. As an entrepreneur, she had a successful inspirational-message cookie business, Swap Thoughts. She lives in Nashville with her husband, Mark. She has three children, two bonus daughters, and two grandchildren.

For more information, Tina writes for her blog, AppsolutelyYouCan.com

About the Illustrator

Brian Schmidt has been lost in the magical world of drawing since he was a kid, creating mazes, castles, and creatures galore. He found his calling as an illustrator after his career in architecture left him wanting more time to be creative. From there, the idea for an illustrating business was born. Now, he happily spends his days continuing to get lost in the worlds and characters he creates, and hoping they bring a little magic and whimsy to other people. He lives and works in the Twin Cities in Minnesota with his wife, Sara.

For more information, visit BrianSchmidtArtist.com