Story Behind The Book

Years ago, I was blessed to become a mom to three children whom I loved more than anything in the world. But as grateful as I was for my  children, I spent days feeling absolutely exhausted. They were incredibly active, and getting them to take a nap was always a battle. On a rather challenging day, I recalled when I was a little girl, and how MY mother  would put a shoe sock on the doorknob to my room, and tell me that the nap fairy would leave a treat inside it, if I took a nap. I remembered how  excited I was to fall asleep, knowing that when I woke up, there would be a treat waiting for me inside the sock. So, desperate for a solution, I decided to give it a try with my own kids, and wouldn’t you know…it worked like a charm!  

It was that experience that led me to write, “The Nodders, What! You  Don't Want to Nap?” a full-color, beautifully illustrated tale that inspires young children to look forward to nap-time. Within the book, children are introduced to furry little wee ones known as The Nodders, who love to  play and nap! Their ears with curlicue tuners pick up what children say, even "I don't want to nap". A grand plan was made to give Nodder treats to any child that went to sleep. With magic shoes whirling and tiny wings flapping a Nodder will peak in to see if a child's napping. Then out of the  pocket comes a small treat or treasure place in their very own NapPouch made from the book's dust jacket.  

Children will love identifying the many colors, animals, shapes and  objects that fill every page, making the book a fantastic learning tool. With this book, parents will be given the beautiful gift of some much  needed personal time while their child sleeps peacefully during the day. 

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