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Book Reviews and Endorsements

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In the magical land of Beddy Bye Woods, you’ll find sparkling ponds, cheerful turtles, and most important of all, the magical creatures known as Nodders. These fuzzy, big-eared creations love to frolic and play—but they can only start their fun once kids take a nap. It’s a clever and engaging conceit: While kids nap, Nodders romp. Written in story-time rhymes crafted to be read aloud, and boasting Brian Schmidt’s stunning and lively digital illustrations of its imaginative subjects, The Nodders is a picture book sure to be requested again and again—and one that might offer relief to tired caregivers and children alike.

There are no shortage of “go to sleep” books for kids (and adults), and The Nodders succeeds in differentiating itself with its highly original concept —and by focusing on naps. Even so, it could easily be read as a good night book as well. These charming beings will likely work their way into kids’ hearts, and will certainly be welcome in a caregiver’s arsenal when it comes to nudging children toward sleep.

Takeaway: A picture book alive with whimsy and enchantment, The Nodders is crafted to charm little ones into napping
Production Grade -  A


An ancient tree in the Beddy Bye Woods is home to the Nodders: small winged creatures who only wake up when children go to sleep. To encourage children to take their naps, the Nodders leave treats or toys in sleeping children’s “NapPouches,” a concept inspired by a trick the author’s mother used. With fuzzy ears, patterned pajamas, and magic slippers that transform into everything from skates to rockets, the Nodders are sure to encourage any child to embrace nap time.

DANIELLE BALLANTYNE (March / April 2021)
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The Nodders is sure to make the most recalcitrant nappers shut their eyes and rest.  A sweet tale of creatures who wake when little ones are sleeping. Only then can they jump up and slip rewards into a special nap pouch folded from the dust jacket. Charming and just what moms need! 

Jennie fields, author of Atomic Love

Tina Huggins’s The Nodders shows how young children in imaginative ways are encouraged to nap using positive reinforcements.  She creates a poetic story where the rhyming words flow easily in solving the problem of getting children to rest.  Brian Schmidt’s illustrations are whimsical and colorful and do an excellent job in bringing the story to life.  Since pictures support the beginning reading process, the visual and verbal expressions are easy to understand making the The Nodders a fun book.  Possessing a treasure pouch is another good incentive to support a child’s quiet time.

Sandy Stringfellow, retired educator of intellectually gifted and talented children in Nashville, TN 


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