How did you come up with the name "The Nodders"?

How did you come up with the name "The Nodders"?

Writing a book has so many elements that need to be considered. For years, I had wanted to write this napping story. I had the concept in my mind, but what ended up on paper was quite different and so much more fun than what I had originally imagined. I created these wee little characters, but I couldn't seem to come up with a name. I tried so many names and nothing seemed to fit. I would write a list and pass the names on to my adult children to get their thoughts. Something I thought would be easy, became quite challenging.

When choosing the name, I had to be sure it was unique and had not been used by someone else. It seemed to take forever. One day, I remembered my one of my grands, who had come to visit during a Christmas holiday. She had just turned three. I recalled a video that we had taken when in a high chair in the kitchen. This little one was exhausted from the day and trying to eat dinner, but kept falling asleep.

That little head kept nodding up and down as someone was so tired. It was one of the cutest and funniest sights that we all could see. I admit, we were all in stitches watching. I thought....that's it "The Nodders"!  Tshat's what happens when little one are exhausted and need to take a nap! Every parent has seen a little's head nod up and down when falling asleep in the carseat or in a highchair. I immediately shared the name with my kids and they all agreed that was the name for my characters in the book!


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