Teaching Toddlers about Colors, Objects and Shapes with The Nodders

Teaching Toddlers about Colors, Objects and Shapes with The Nodders

As an elementary educator, I knew the importance of teaching colors and naming objects to children at a very young age. When working with the illustrator, Brian Schmidt, it was important to me that we design a book filled with an abundance of objects, shapes, and animals. By doing so, adults can point to objects and say the name which encourages early learning. Don't just read it once...read it over and over with your little ones in your lap. Ask them to show you the bunny in the field or the fish in the pond. For older children you can have them count the fish in the pond, or tell you the shapes that are on the Nodders pajamas! They will have a delightful time engaging with you while learning.

I had several parents read the book to their three and four year olds, and we loved watching each child being curious and fascinated by the beautiful illustrations in the book. One child wanted to carry it around with her all day so she could look at the pictures. Another child actually memorized her favorite part of the book and recited it to me with great enthusiasm. 

As a child experiences the outside world, teaching shapes and colors from the things that they touch and feel will also increase their vocabulary. This process will motivate them to communicate more with others. 

There are wonderful resources available online that will help to get you started with other fun learning activities. Check out this wonderful site by an educator who has fun activities for all ages. 


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