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Oh My! A Nap Time Sticker Chart


A sleeping toddlers is the new happy hour
A sleeping toddlers is the new happy hour!

 Toddlers love stickers!

This Nap Time Sticker Chart is a great way to motivate little ones to nap. Even if your toddler doesn't nap well, everyone needs some encouragement so there are stickers for even non-napping days!

Size: 8.5X11 with 12 single tear off pages. One for each month of the year. Post the page on the refrigerator or cork board.

390 stickers - One group of stickers celebrate a successful nap, another set encourage your little ones to keep trying. The third set are for days out of the house and no time to nap. Lastly you will have the awesome week sticker for great napping all week long.

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A sleeping toddler is your new happy hour!Every child needs to rest, which helps the grown-ups be their best!