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Seize "Personal Time": When your toddler enjoys a peaceful nap, you can use this opportunity to rejuvenate or make headway on your tasks.

Nap Time Sticker Chart and Plush Nodder

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Toddlers Love Stickers! 

My Nap Time Sticker Chart is used to encourage and celebrate taking a nap. Rewarding children with stickers for successfully napping can boost the likelihood  for future successful nap times. (Size: 8.5X11 with 12 single tear off pages and 390 stickers)

Why Use Stickers:

  • Toddlers can see their efforts and accomplishments accumulating over time,  which can be motivating and satisfying,.
  • Stickers serve as immediate, tangible rewards that toddlers can relate to. 
  • Sticker charts help toddlers set and achieve small goals. 
  • For activities like nap time, sticker charts reinforce consistent routines. 

    For a limit time you will receive a Plush Nodder FREE 

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I know how you feel....

I have been where you are with three children 20 months apart! I was so glad, I remembered what my mama had done!

Finding it difficult to concentrate with a shrieking toddler clinging to your leg, because nap time isn't as appealing as being with you!

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