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Seize "Personal Time": When your toddler enjoys a peaceful nap, you can use this opportunity to rejuvenate or make headway on your tasks.

Award Winning Children's Book: The Nodders What! You Don't Want to Nap?

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Anyone have a toddler who won't nap?

Get ready for giggles and naps with The Nodders - a must-have for toddlers! Packed with shapes, colors, animals, and more, this book is perfect for pre-school preparation. Gift wrapping included!

"Every child needs to rest which helps the grown-ups be their best!" Tina Huggins


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Customer Reviews

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Courtney Castro.
We love it!

My 2 year old loved this book. He hates taking his afternoon nap and this story he fell asleep to while we read. The packaging was so cute and you can tell the author/illustrator truly care about their product. 10/10

Jennifer Shields
A cute, fantasy story that encourages kids to take a nap with adorable illustrations

I liked the rhythm, the rhyming of the story. It flowed very well and was enjoyable to read. I also liked the message in the story. The adorable illustrations combined with an engaging fantasy story about the mythical creatures, The Nodders, makes for a treasured childhood storybook. I don't wish to spoil the fun by revealing too much, but I will say that there are instructions for a craft that goes along with the magical story. I wish that I had found this book when my 5 boys were younger. I don't have anyone to read this to, but I know it will make a great gift or I could save it for possible grand kids. hmmm... lol
I've never felt such excitement when opening a children's book than when I opened this package. Opening the amazon package revealed a shiny, silver, bubble wrap lined sleeve. When I opened that, I found an adorable Nodder themed Thank You card. The book itself was perfectly wrapped in blue tissue paper and sealed with a Nodder sticker. The final, special touch was the author's signature on the title page. I really felt like my purchase was truly appreciated. I am happy to support the author and illustrator's endeavors.

Courtnie Newcomb

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 The story is super cute, the colors are super vibrant, the characters are super fun and the craft is super exciting to put together. This is hands down a new favorite bedtime book in my household that's great for children as young as toddlers all the way up to children 7-8 years old. It's also a really easy read so young beginner readers can enjoy being able to read about The Nodders on their own as well. I highly recommend this book to any and all parents of small children.

Adorable Story and Realistic Nap Time Tool

First things first, the book arrived packaged very securely, which I appreciate because I’ve received damaged books due to shipping before. It was also wrapped in tissue paper, making it great for gifting.

I really enjoyed this book to read to a small child. It has simple rhymes, colorful pages, and the page sizes are also great for toddlers who want to touch and point at the pages. The story is cute and I like the concept of incentivizing nap time with the snack or treat pouch for kids who may not be a fan of napping. Extra points for the factor that the book cover doubles as a craft activity to make the pouch the story speaks of!!

I know how you feel....

I have been where you are with three children 20 months apart! I was so glad, I remembered what my mama had done!

Finding it difficult to concentrate with a shrieking toddler clinging to your leg, because nap time isn't as appealing as being with you!

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