Child Refuses to Nap?

Are you a parent, grandparent or caregiver of a child who doesn't want to take a nap? I know just how you feel. My three children were each twenty months apart from one another; there was always one who didn't want to nap. Just when one would get to sleep, another one would wake up when the dog barked or the phone rang. In the beginning, I found naptime to be the most challenging time of the day. I would wake in the morning and plan my day around naptime, how about you? Oh, the things I dreamed I would get done on my list; and you know what they say about best-laid plans. That's right, they often didn't happen when I had three toddlers.

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Q&A with Tina Huggins, Author of The Nodders

  This whimsical story introduces the Nodders, magical creatures who leave special treats for Nappers while they snooze!  

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Teaching Toddlers about Colors, Objects and Shapes with The Nodders

Don't just read it it over and over with your little ones in your lap. Ask them to show you the bunny in the field or the fish in the pond. For older children you can have them count the fish in the pond, or tell you the shapes that are on the Nodders pajamas! They will have a delightful time engaging with you while learning.

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Book Reviews and Endorsements

Booklife/Publishers Weekly Review There are no shortage of “go to sleep” books for kids (and adults), and The Nodders succeeds in differentiating itself with its highly original concept —and by focusing on naps. Even so, it could easily be read as a good night book as well. These charming beings will likely work their way into kids’ hearts, and will certainly be welcome in a caregiver’s arsenal when it comes to nudging children toward sleep. Takeaway: A picture book alive with whimsy and enchantment, The Nodders is crafted to charm little ones into napping. Great for fans of: Il Sung Na’s A Book of Sleep, Anna Dewdney’s Llama Llama Red Pajama, Divya Srinivasan’s Little Owl’s Night.

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